Wood Plastic Composite Hollow Decking

Color: chocolate, brown-red, orange, black, light gray, dark green, wood color, dark gray.

Wood plastic composite Hollow Decking is made of HDPE and wood fiber are premixed and extruded by professional Wood-Plastic machinery with special technics, so it is a kind of Low-carbon, Environmental protection and Recyclable new material.

Applications of WPC Hollow Decking

Wood plastic composite Hollow Decking, with its excellent waterproof, especially suitable for use in a water platform, mainly used for indoor bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, such as parks, the beach along the cliff, residential, gardens, ecological wood can also be used such as sauna, swimming pool.

Advantages of WPC Hollow Decking

1. Waterproof, Slip resistance, This is the best ranking for bare-foot slip resistance.
2. Weathering resistance,suitable from minus - 40 to 60 centigrade degree, UV resistance, fade resistant durable.
3. easier maintenance, since there is no screw for connection, we can always prepare certain wpc profile (at the length of 30cm) and plastic bottom, so that when consumers need to replace certain part of their tiles for whatever reason, they can just buy the small material, like one piece or two pieces of the wpc profile and replace it by himself with just two hands.
4.High fire-resistance. Effective flame retardant, fire self-extinguishing and no hazardous gas radiation.
5.anti-moth, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria, Can be recycled for second processing,the shape, color, size can all be adjusted as clients require.