Importance Before Installation

Color And Surface Finishing

Slight color and suface finishing difference on your deck may occur due to small difference in raw material used,and the surface finishing of the deck board. These variations are normal and make you deck look more natural. The surface of your deck takes up about 15 weeks to reach its natural color. You may notice some discoloration during this period,which is normal.

Installation Area

The surface on which your deck will be installed must be stable. It can be made of concrete,slabs,tiles or other sufface with the same characteristics. A slope of 1cm every 2M is recommended to facilitate water run off.

Leave At Least Two Side To The Under-Deck Space Open For Cross Ventilation

To reduce moisture moisture build-up,sufficient ventilation of your deck is very important. Two sides of the deck must be open or lattice only. Solid cladding or skirts can be used on condition that a minimum of 5cm high unobstructed continuous airspace along two side of the deck. Leave at least two side to the under-deck space open for cross ventilation.

Do Not Butt Boards End-To-End On The Main Area Of Your Deck

Never butt the deck boards end to end or glue them on the main area of your deck,because then can not expand or contract. Temperature and humidity result in changes in length,wide and thickness. Always look up to the expansion gap.


WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a new type of material made by mixed wood powder with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and other chemical additives. The material is extruded from the unique high pressure and temperature machine from specially designed mould. WPC decking is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative new material which doesn’t need painting and glue for its special manufacturing technique and characters. It is eco-friendly product. The main material wood powder is scrap from furnish factories, and another material is recycling plastic.

Containing of natural fiber, the WPC product not only has high degree of anti-UV and weather resistant properties, but also easy to machine during production and usage. It has the character of highly resistant to moisture and termites, no rotten, no cracking, consistent color stability, so it can be wildly used in the outdoor.

Save trees, save forest ------To protect our environment by starting to use WPC products

Congratulations on the purchase of your composite decking product from WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE OUTDOOR DECK

The following installation and maintenance instructions will guarantee a long life for your decking.


Please Store WPC decking boards in their original packaging, preferably in a well ventilated roofed place.

Important points for installation

1. Slight color and surface differences may occur due to slight differences in raw materials or surface treatment. This ensures your decking will have a natural appearance

2. It is advisable to place the terrace sections in the required installation site for 72 hours before you start install to acclimatize them. Don’t install the terrace sections if the temperature is blow 0℃

3. We advise you to use original accessories and parts from WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE OUTDOOR DECK, must be a space of at least 25mm between the ground and the substructure. In case of insufficient ventilation any guarantee will be invalidated. Direct Contact between the terrace section and the grass or ground must be avoided at all costs.

4. Variations in temperature and moisture uptake will result in expansion (about 0.3% to 0.5%) of the sufficient distance expansion between the terrace sections, all around the terrace and by walls, fences ad trees.

5. A strong and compacted base such as concrete , gravel ,grit or something similar is necessary

6. Before you start ensure there is a level base and remove all weeds. To prevent weeds growing, we advise laying root-stop fabric under the structure. Make sure the ground base is clean, dry, stable, solid and smooth – a slope of 2% will provide the correct water drainage.

7. WPC product is not suitable for closed and wet places without air ventilation and/or environment with significant difference temperature change (such as sauna room).

8. The method of installation is very important to the product; wrong installation may cause less durability or some damages of the products. Check the material before installation. Report all damages and defects to the vendor before installation. Start of installation means the appearance and standards have been approved by the client. Trust a professional installer with the installation. It is suggested that more than two people working together during installing the terrace. WPC decking should not be used for columns, beams, joists, support posts or other loading bearing

segments. Failure to follow instructions will void the warranty.

Main components:

WPC decking board +plastic clip &stainless screw+ keel + expansion screws + corner cover

Tools recommended:

Electric drill + Screwdriver + Impact drill + Impact drill + Hammer

Electric drill is a must for drilling holes for screw in WPC decking bearers, decking and side covers.


First step: prepare the substructure

1. Ensure good drainage. For this reason lay the substructure with a slight gradient of 1% to 1.5% away from the house, laid lengthwise. Keep the keel at least 30mm from the walls or other obstacles to allow for expansion of the WPC products

2. Please keep the distance of two keels at maximum 40cm between centers

complete flat or slightly slopped concrete ground Then we come to the step of installing supporting keels

Attention point:

1. Normally the keels should be fixed by expansion screws to the concrete at a distance of 30-40cm.

2. If the terrace is very big, you can also lay the support joists floating on the base to allow for movement without fixing.

3. If the support joists are laid with crosscut ends next to one another, please make sure that they overlap by at least 10cm.

4. Please note that it is an absolute MUST that the decking surface is mounted flat and no water can collect on the surface or in the chambers. If water collects in the chambers for a longer period the boards start cupping and waving because of the moisture expansion., so please leave the surface inclined 1,5-2% in board direction so that there is no danger of water collection.

After the foundation is made and the supporting keels are well fixed, please step up to the following process:


1. Please make sure that there is one keel under one deck board at any time, especially when there

are two deck boards meet together. Never allow two deck boards ends share one keel, otherwise the

deck board might be shrink and fall off from keels or have other problems.

2. Make sure that the terrace sections extend by no more than 10mm over the support joists.

The WPC products’ expansion rate is around 0.3% to 0.5% depends on different weather condition in different places, based on this expansion rate, there must be a gap always between two WPC products, following there is some examples:

The distance of at least 30mm from walls or other obstacles to allow for expansion of the WPC products is necessary during the installation

At least 10mm between the cross cut ends is necessary

If you are using terrace sections with a length of 400cm, the distance between the crosscut ends must be at least 15mm based on calculation.

WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE OUTDOOR DECK offers starting clip / starters for the first deck board during installation

For this, firstly fix the entire starting clip on the joist on line, and then push the first terrace deck board to the starting clip to fix Important: when fixing the starting clips or the connecting clips, pre-drilling with a 2.5mm bit is necessary to prevent cracking or breaking the sub structure because WPC products has high density which does not allow directly nail or screw.


Fix the L shape corner cover against the wall and not to the terrace sections to allow for movement of the WPC. To determine the right positions on the wall proceed as follows:

Lay the L shape corner cover on the terrace sections. Put a mark on the wall at the top edge of the L shape corner cover.

Then remove the terrace sections from under L shape corner cover and fix the L shape corner cover against the wall;

always ensure that there is sufficient space at least 20mm between the L shape corner cover and the terrace section.

There must be a gap at the joint between two corner covers, calculated based on the expansion rate 0.3-0.5% of the length.

The distance between the fixing screws have to be maximum 30cm.


The terrace can be cleaned with a brush/ sanding paper, or with a high pressure cleaner. If you clean the terrace with a high pressure cleaner, you must keep a distance of at least 30cm from the terrace sections. If necessary you can use a neutral soap. Make sure that the detergent doesn’t attack plastic. Following is some recommendations in details:

1. Water stains

There will be some water stains on the surface of the newly installed terrace when the water evaporates after rain. It is temporary phenomenon which will disappear in about 1-2 months by itself. It can be cleaned by wiping the surface with steel wool

2. Mud, dust, etc.

Clean decking to remove dirt by using hot water with soap. Sand it with stiff bristle if needed.

3. Scratch, oil stains, alcohol stains, and cigarette stains etc. which are hard to be removed from the surface Use steel wool or sandpaper carefully to try to remove the stain. Then sand surface and clean with hot water with soap.


The claims are exclusively and unconditionally only for production faults of the material Claims cannot be made for material on which product faults are visible that has already been used, machined and /or processed. Claims never apply to unauthorized use or incorrect application of the material. Seller will offer the new material to replace the bad products only, and not be liable for cost related such as installation costs, transportation and delivery costs, or time and labor. All typesetting and printing errors reserved.