Composite Flower Boxes

WPC Flower Box

Composite flower boxes with fire, water, engage in corrosion resistant to moisture, moth-eaten, not long fungi, acid and alkali, no poison, no pollution, and an excellent performance, low maintenance costs.

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Wood Plastic Composite Flower Boxes

Composite flower boxes are material made of recycled wood and pure or recycled plastic. Often the recycled wood that is used for making composite materials is sawdust or wooden fiber. A few manufacturers make use of pop bottles that have been recycled as the plastic component for decking material of this type. Furthermore, they appreciate that we work hard to constantly adapt and change our products, as and when we can. Besides the suggestions from our staff, we very much appreciate recommendations from our customers too.

Our attractive wood plastic composite flower box range continues to grow, and it seems that more and more florists are realising that our products offer real quality at sensible prices. In your choice of colors and sizes, self-watering composite flower boxes are perfect for foliage plants and flowers and blend a classic look with self-watering convenience. Dress up your window with these flower boxes and composite box planters.


1. Pest control, anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten, prolong the lifetime.
2. High fire-resistance. Effective flame retardant, fire self-extinguishing and no hazardous gas radiation.
3. 100% recycled, environmental friendly, saving forest resources.
4. Good machinability, clinching, planing, sawing, drilling and painting are all available.
5. Easy assembly, simple construction and no complex processing method, time and money saving.
6. Highly resistant to moisture, termites and white ants.
7. Long-lasting and anti-aging. It is always taken as the first and best choice for outdoor gardening, landscape and courtyard practices.